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The Great Commodore 64 Screwup!

by on Oct.31, 2015, under Commodore 64

I felt sorry for it… honest!

A lonely, unused, abused Commodore 64 appeared on eBay one day… and my heart went out to it…
I wish I wasn’t so sentimental… This C64 was absolutely @#%$$@#^%$#!

It was like someone had emptied a vacuum cleaner’s bag into it, while it was opened up!

A TOTAL sacrilege!

Anyway… its gonna take a LONG time to restore this little cutie.
Just look at the pics…

IMG_0964 IMG_0963 IMG_0961 IMG_0960 IMG_0959 IMG_0958 IMG_0957

It does work… kinda… well it turns on…

If I had a pet elephant to stand on the keys, maybe it would type something.
But I am utterly convinced that I can turn this ugly ducking into a beautiful swan again.

Watch this space for a follow-up!

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Vintage Tano Dragon Computer Dragon 64 NEW old stock!

by on Oct.31, 2015, under Dragon 32/64 and Tano

I am going to be auctioning a Dragon by Tano Computer, never opened since its manufacture date 30 years ago (opened only to take the photographs)!

The auction will start at 9:00PM EST/6:00PM PDT on November 1st, 2015!
In mint, perfect working condition, all in the original box!
A must have for the budding retro enthusiast, collectors or just because you can!

Dragon By Tano
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What You Will Get:

  • The Dragon by Tano Computer, Motorola 6809 Microprocessor (hybrid 8/16 bit)
  • Cable for connecting to a TV (RF VHF input required on TV)
  • An RF modulator (300 ohm to 75 Ohm, connects to the above cable and the TV)
  • An RF Balun connector for the RF modulator above (an extra I am throwing in!)
  • Power Supply
  • Cassette with software (CCWriter, CCMailer, CCMerger, CCFile, CCcalc, Draintro, Dragon, Courier, Tower, Golddig)
  • Software instruction sheet
  • Cassette with assorted games (an extra I am throwing in!).
  • A cable for connecting a shoebox-type cassette recorder for loading/saving software
  • The original warranty mail-in postcard
  • The Dragon Cassette manual
  • The Dragon by Tano owners manual
  • An Introduction To BASIC Programming using the Dragon book
  • The Quality Assurance final inspection sheet.

NOTE: To load/save software, you will need either a shoe-box cassette recorder with AUX, REM and EAR jacks (I will be offering these),


The EXCELLENT Micro Drive Wire SD Card server from Tormod Volden (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED), see


Dragon Info And History:

Dragon Data Ltd., a company based in Wales, UK, launched the Dragon 64 in August 1984. The Dragon 64 was functionally identical to the Dragon 32 and even booted into Dragon 32 compatible BASIC mode.
The Dragon 64 contained 2 x 16K ROMS holding two different versions of BASIC – One was the a slightly modified version of the Dragon 32 BASIC which was still limited to 24Kb RAM, the other was specific to the Dragon 64 and allowed 48Kb of RAM to be available to the programmer by copying the BASIC ROM into RAM allowing the entire 64Kb of RAM to be available (16Kb allocated to the copy of BASIC).
The DRAGON by TANO was produced in the USA by the TANO Corporation under license from Dragon Data.
It is essentially a Dragon 64 with NTSC video circuits in an off white colored case.
The power button on the rear has been replaced with a channel 3/4 selector for the american TV market and the PSU is 110v.

I learned to program on its predecessor. the Dragon 32, 33 years ago! I LOVE THIS MACHINE!

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Retro – CoCo 2 Restoration!

by on Oct.22, 2015, under Tandy TRS-80 Series

As well as having a passion for retro games and FPS, we have a passion for retro computers!
I myself like to restore them to their former glory.

Below is some restoration pics of a Radio Shack (Tandy) Color Computer 2 64K, model number 26-3127.

This is the first 64K Color Computer 2. It contains the Extended BASIC ROM, the “enhanced” keyboard, and 64 kilobytes of RAM (naturally). Otherwise, it is identical to the 26-3026/26-3027. The RAM is soldered in place in those machines which were factory-equipped with 64K, making replacement thereof a bit more difficult if necessary. For this reason, the 26-3026 and 26-3027 variants are my favorites!

I will post more details of the restoration process later!

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