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ATTA Restarts Development With Game Guru!

by on Feb.24, 2015, under A Terrible Truth: Anthropophagus

YES! ATTA Begins…

AT LAST! The development begins on ATTA (A Terrible Truth… Anthropophagus), using a NEW game engine, GAME-GURU! (formerly known as Prince… I mean … FPSCR). The Game Creators have outdone themselves with this engine, which will actually be available on Steam on March 2nd! Anyhoo, here is a video of our hero, Jivan, making landfall in Scotland and finding his home town destroyed and under martial law…


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Game Music Compositions

by on Jun.08, 2014, under General

I have finally opened up the “Triple A Music For Games” section.

I am compiling a list of samples for the Horror genre at the moment. You can find this work-in-progress HERE!

Its About Bloody Time!

Its About Bloody Time!

I plan to release these tracks to game development stores, such as Unity Asset Store and The Game Creators Store.

Right now, some are available at the TGC Store!


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Horror Sounds And Music

by on Jun.07, 2014, under Horror

Horror Music and Sounds – portfolio samples for games.

Horror Sounds And Music

Welcome to the horror section!

Here, we are showcasing some of our pieces of incidental music and sounds to create frights, atmosphere, ambiance and other horrific feelings that graphics alone cannot produce…
Never underestimate the power of music and audio to add that extra dimension of immersiveness to your title!


I am also available for custom work regarding musical scoring and composition for games.
For more information, you can contact me at

NOTE: The actual track lengths are stated after the suggested use section. The samples range from 10 seconds to 30 seconds.


Sample1 – “Where Am I?”

Suggested Use: This piece can be used convey a sense of being lost and frightened.

Length: 32 Seconds

 Sample 2 – “Ode To Zombies – Movement 1”

Suggested Use: This piece can be used as a full track for title or end credits… or just a cool, somber ambiance for your ghoul filled levels!

Length: 2 minute 52 Seconds

Sample 3 – “Ode To Zombies – Movement 2”

Suggested Use: This piece should be used as an evocative, sorrow provoking full track for title or end credits… or just a cool, desperate ambiance for your levels!

Length: 3 minute 59 Seconds

Sample 4 – “Dark Thoughts”

Suggested Use: This piece can be used as a full track for title or end credits… or to create dark thoughts in the subconscious corners of the players mind!

Length: 3 minutes 12 Seconds

Sample 5 – “NetherWorld”

Suggested Use: This piece can be used as ambient background… menacing, daunting and spookily atmospheric!.

Length: 1 Minute 12 Seconds

Sample 6 – “Footsteps And Creak”

Suggested Use: This piece can be used in dark corridors to suggest an unseen adversary. Loopable.

Length: 14 Seconds

Sample 7 – “Foul”

Suggested Use: This piece can be used enhance sheer moments of horrific revelation!

Length: 13 Seconds

Sample 8 – “Ghost March”

Suggested Use: This piece can be used as ambiance. It is a piece that is designed to invoke dread, foreboding and insecurity. Loopable.

Length: 1 minute 55 Seconds

Sample 9 – “Impending Doom”

Suggested Use: This track is suitable for when the player is inundated or seemingly over-powered.

Length: 40 Seconds

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Announcement – ATTA Begins Development!

by on Nov.27, 2012, under A Terrible Truth: Anthropophagus

In September 2012, we announced that development on “A Terrible Truth: Anthropophagus™” or  ATTA™, had begun in ernest (and in the RetroFPS Dev Offices)!


A Terrible Truth: Anthropophagus

Our lead developer, Gary Denyer, gives us a glimpse into the storyline of this First-Person Psychological Horror:   Gary: The main protagonist is a Scottish lad who tried to make good… rejecting his rich ancestral family background…

My name is Jivan Voldemort.

Although by my name you would never guess, I am from the outer hebridean island of Lewis, Scotland.

I am from an ancient ancestral family, a family whom I have tried to forget. I was never one to follow tradition.

I decided to pursue my life outwith the old country, and made my living in the United States.

My life was normal: a normal house, my own family: I was happy.

A few days ago my Mother called, leaving a frantic message for me. She said that they had come for her, that they were going to change her too…

“Scary shit, eh?”, remarked Gary. “The story has as much twists and turns as Rapunzels hair-do”, he added.

When asked what the ultimate goal of ATTA was, from a player perspective, Gary went on to say: “In ATTA we believe we have something that will truly be the ultimate pants – filler. We dearly want each person who plays ATTA to feel like they have to have three pairs of clean pants close at hand while they play…”

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